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Jo Avery

A journalism career that began with lofty ambitions to write for Elle magazine after work experience, which involved being chauffeured around London in a Mercedes to hand deliver post to Tom Dixon, Jeremy Healey and Damon Albarn (what can I say, it was 1997), I actually ended up writing about sex for More! and FHM before finding my calling as a pop journalist. Now with two best sellers* under my belt; One Direction The Official Annual 2013 and Totally S Club (handily written just as they split up) and having interviewed the likes of Ariana Grande, McFly and The Vamps about such intricacies as their favourite snack, I’m still freelancing as well as teaching bright young things about journalism. I’ve recently left the pop up supper clubs and £6.50 cupcakes of London behind for a field in the Derbyshire Dales taking my two kids, dog and Man City supporter husband with me. *this may not be strictly true.


Rob Beattie

Rob Beattie has spent his professional life amassing just enough information to get by in his chosen specialist subjects of computing, music, film, popular science, outdoor survival, angling, card tricks, boating, oilskin coats, prehistoric cave art, and 1950s D-I-Y. In each instance the knowledge remains in his head just long enough for him to produce the number of words required by whoever’s holding the editorial purse strings that month. Amazing, really. www.robbeattie.com


Sarah Bee

Sarah Bee takes Charles Bukowski’s advice a little too literally, and has conveniently forgotten most of her career to date. She dimly recalls experiencing Liam Gallagher singing in her face in Italy, and appearing in the deep, deep background of Shaun of the Dead. She has published a picture book called The Yes which is not just for children, and co-created Drunk Furniture, which is not for any children. She has seen some things. Her favourite chocolate is Crunchie.


Ali Catterall

Ali Catterall is currently embroiled in a life-size game of snakes and ladders. Right now, he’s balanced precariously on a stepladder, with a giant Anaconda in a headlock, repeatedly tickling it on the nose. Somehow, he also writes and has written for a great many journals, some of which actually still exist, including The Guardian, Total Film, Q, Time Out, The Word and ‘others’, and is co-author of Your Face Here: British Cult Movies Since the ‘Sixties. Like all root crops, he requires frequent watering.

Eammon Forde

Eamonn Forde

Eamonn Forde fled a potential career in fusty academia to spend his time instead writing about the music business, music and other things for a variety of people including Music Ally, The Guardian, Q, Live UK, Audience and The Big Issue. He subsists on a diet of tea, Tayto crisps, Coronation Street, Bob Dylan and Sparks and, despite this, won Music Business Writer Of The Year at the last two Record Of The Day Awards. He has a PhD but only uses the prefix “Dr” when dealing with the bank as they give you less hassle this way (try it!). Eamonn also wrote The Bluffer’s Guide To Rock book in 2013.

James Medd

James Medd

James Medd is a freelance writer who has contributed to The Guardian, Observer, The Times, Esquire, The Rake, Q and The Word about matters including music, film, TV, coffee, spiders, drug abuse and dead actors. He is also writing a children’s book, two books about the history of popular music and (forgive him) a novel.

Andrew Mueller

Andrew Mueller

Andrew Mueller has written for newspapers and magazines all over the world, and reported from more than 80 countries. He is the author of three books: “Rock & Hard Places”, “I Wouldn’t Start From Here” and “It’s Too Late To Die Young Now”. He also sings and plays guitar in noisy country band The Blazing Zoos, who release their second album in 2015.


Jordan Paramor

Jordan has been a journalist and ghostwriter for over 20 years, during which time she’s interviewed everyone from One Direction to Will Smith (and Lord Alan Sugar, which she finds quite hard to talk about). She has written several Sunday Times bestselling books and regularly contributes to many newspapers and magazines. She probably watches far too many crime/reality TV shows.

Simon Price

Simon Price

Simon Price has been a music journalist for over 30 years, ever since he complained as a schoolboy that his local paper in Wales was nothing but obituaries and ladies’ skittles results, and they invited him to do any better. After nine years at Melody Maker, twelve at the Independent On Sunday, a best-selling Manics biog and the odd award, he’s now what is euphemistically termed ‘freelance’. He specialises in dressing like a silly glam-punk-goth tart despite the ravages of anno domini, ranting about pop and politics, refusing to accept the 80s are over, and acting someone else’s age. Stickler for the correct pronunciation of ‘Bowie’.

Justin Quirk

Justin Quirk

Justin Quirk is the editorial director of House and Victor magazines, as well as a features writer for publications including The Guardian, Esquire, Town, The Times and Sunday Times. He writes about contemporary art for Artphaire.com and is the weekly politics columnist for Askmen.com.

Emma Rink contributor page

Emma Rink

With an English language and journalism postgraduate degree under her arm, Emma swiftly put them down — if only for easier access to various keyboards — to write everything from news articles to TV reviews and lengthy features about energy-saving light bulbs. After extensive experience across the B2B and consumer arenas, she found her niche in online and social media. Just as well, then, she’s now the web and social media journalist at Bluffer’s. She has nightmares about light bulbs to this day.

Jez Sands

Jez Sands

Jez Sands has been many things over the years: a radio plugger, tour manager, head of a small record label, large event organiser, promoter, food and film critic, editor, sub-editor, proof reader, freelance journalist, president of his university’s punk society and booking manager for one of the best jazz clubs in London. He’s also an accomplished martial artist and levitates three feet off the ground at all times.


Etan Smallman

Etan Smallman is a London-based freelance journalist, whose work has featured in The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, Metro, Evening Standard, The Guardian, The Observer, The South China Morning Post and The Australian. Visit his website at: www.etan.info.

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

Film critic Anna Smith is Chair of the Critics’ Circle Film Section and Acting Film Editor of Metro newspaper. She also contributes to The Guardian, Empire, ELLE, Sight & Sound, The Telegraph and BBC TV and Radio, and can be seen discussing film on Sky News on Thursday mornings. Anna is also a travel writer; the only downside of her job is that she has always seen every movie on the plane.


Jenny Stallard

Jenny Stallard is a writer and editor who also dabbles in stand up comedy. She’s written a cheeky little ebook called Travel and the Single girl, and loves skiing so much she went to live in a ski resort for a while. Jenny loves dogs, sometimes more than humans, and dreams of one day being greeted by her pack of hounds as she comes home to her cottage where she’s writing a novel.

David Stubbs

David Stubbs

David Stubbs, aka Mr Agreeable, aka The Wing Commander, is an author and journalist covering music, TV and football as well as a satirical comedy writer. A former staff writer for Melody Maker, NME and Uncut and The Wire, his work has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Independent, Spin and Esquire. He writes about TV for The Guardian and is a regular contributor to When Saturday Comes, The Quietus and The Daily Mash among others. He is the author of numerous books, including The Prince Charles Letters, Fear Of Music: Why People Don’t Get Rothko But Don’t Get Stockhausen, as well as having contributed to The Atheists’ Guide To Christmas alongside Richard Dawkins, Derren Brown and Charlie Brooker. His most recent book is Future Days: Krautrock And The Building Of Modern Germany (Faber). He lives in Shooters Hill, London, with his hamster and his conscience.


Nige Tassell

Nige Tassell writes mainly about new music and old sport. He is the author of Mr Gig: One Man’s Search For The Soul Of Live Music and has written for The Guardian, Sunday Times, Esquire, Q, FourFourTwo, The Word and New Statesman among others. Nige lives in the hill country of Somerset with his wife and two primary school-age Half Man Half Biscuit fans, and is proud to have been the only journalist who’s ever interviewed an A-list actor at The Ivy having travelled there by National Express coach.


Josh Woodfin

Josh Woodfin is a journalist and copywriter with ten years of experience writing about films, telly, popular science, and most recently, dragons. Career highlights include a Valentine’s Day interview with Hugh Jackman, and that one time when he beat Usain Bolt in a race.


Steve Yates

Steve has dedicated most of his working life to buying, selling and writing about other people’s records, first in the shops of Manchester, then and now (where still applicable) in the pages of Jockey Slut, The Observer, Word, Q and more. He also writes, often despairingly, on football, politics, housing and other stuff.