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At some point, everyone needs to bluff it to make it. To prove our point, we ask celebrities about their biggest bluffs. Approach the bench…


After 64 years of being heir apparent to the throne, @Charles_HRH (Prince Charles On Twitter) has decided it’s time to look into the realms of social media. Over 400,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook continue to enjoy the sarcasm and wit of the Royal who ‘just can’t wait to be King’. www.charles-hrh.com

Have you ever gotten something for nothing?

By being born Royal, one automatically qualified for certain perks of the job, which include fabulous wealth, privileged lifestyle, a university placement and free unlimited downloads from iTunes.

Prince Charles On Twitter

To whom, or what, do you owe your big break?

Twitter is the social networking site that allows the opportunity to keep in touch with one’s future subjects. But when the servers are down, millions of Tweeters are forced to talk to each other the old-fashioned way – through Facebook.

Where and when was the last time you felt entirely out of place?

One attended the world premiere of Skyfall in London. Camilla couldn’t believe ‘James Bond [see the Bluffer’s Guide To James Bond here] has a twin brother called Daniel Craig’. Mr Bond spent the night demanding prettier girls in his next film, as he was unsatisfactorily lumbered with some old woman during the Olympics. Slightly awkward to say the least. Not entirely sure he was impressed with Camilla’s idea of becoming the next Bond girl.

HRH Prince Charles On Twitter explains

  1. Being the heir to the throne: Weekly work experience. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Sir Alex Ferguson and Pope Bendict XVI have all stepped down to give someone else a chance. How very thoughtful. #justsaying.
  2. The Queen: Mummy has reigned supreme for 60 years, which means she’ll be entitled to a fantastic pension when/if she retires.
  3. Prince George: William and Kate had to wait nine months for George to arrive. Nine sodding months?! Disgraceful. Quite frankly, this is the last time they’ll be using the NHS.
  4. The Prime Minister: Completely fails his A-Level in Politics every year. Not exactly surprised.
  5. Justin Bieber: Horrible little girl.

When was the last, or the first time you bluffed your way into an event you weren’t officially invited to?

During a Royal tour of BBC Scotland, one accidentally stumbled into presenting the lunchtime weather forecast. Patchy rays of sunshine, with a minimal chance of reign.

When would you advocate bluffing it?

Eurovision. The whole of Europe likes the UK enough to sing their songs in our language, but not enough to give us some sodding points. One is becoming sick of the tactical and political voting. The tactics in question being ‘don’t vote for the UK, because their song was shit’ or ‘vote for the country that you don’t want invading you’. British people never win, so we made Britain’s Got Talent. British people don’t win that either.

Have you ever bluffed your way into getting a date?

No, but it appears Prince Harry does. There is only one set of crown jewels that should be seen in public, and they’re made from diamonds.

What’s the best lie you ever told?

‘One’s favourite moment of Summer 2012 was when the Queen jumped out of a helicopter at 1000ft.’ (She didn’t jump. She was pushed)

And, what is the best lie you never told?

‘No, Harry, we cannot pretend it was Ed Sheeran.’

Have you ever committed, or witnessed, a major bluffing fail?

Every minute of every working day, some form of major bluffing fail occurs within the walls of Government. One can confirm that the last person to enter the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes.