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Katie Hopkins

Bluffer of the Week: Katie Hopkins

Celebrity chef Jack Monroe called in her lawyers this week after a bitter Twitter row ensued which saw Katie Hopkins inexplicably accusing her of vandalising a war memorial.

Hopkins, who last year topped ‘The Bluffer’s Guides® ‘Dishonours List’, is well-known (and surprisingly well-paid) for churning out largely-unsubstantiated, hate-filled rants to order – but it seems she may have picked on the wrong person this time.

Apparently unaware that Monroe’s father and brother are both serving members of the armed forces, Hopkins blithely accused Monroe of defacing a WW2 monument in Whitehall, before quickly following up the tweet with another describing her as “social anthrax”.

Instructed by Monroe’s lawyers to delete the libellous tweet and issue a public apology, Hopkins made an embarrassing – yet entirely unsatisfactory – climb-down midweek, tweeting (somewhat pathetically): “I was confused about identity. I got it wrong.”

Suitably chastened by her encounter with Monroe, it is thought that Ms. Hopkins will now return to abusing the desperate, the vulnerable and the poor, who tend to be significantly less litigious.

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