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The Bluffer’s Guide to Beer


Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to prosper in the frothy world of beer appreciation. Never again confuse your grist with your gruit, your wort with your yeast, or your butt with your firkin (108 gallons versus nine gallons, since you ask). Bask in the admiration of your fellow drinkers as you pronounce confidently on the provenance of whatever is in your stein (or mouth), and hold your own against self-professed beer aficionados.

Written by experts and offering readers the opportunity to pass off appropriated knowledge as their own, the Bluffer's Guides provide hard fact masquerading as frivolous observation in one witty, easy read.


Jonathan Goodall

Jonathan Goodall landed his first writing job editing ‘The Potato Page’ at The Fresh Produce Journal. He learnt quickly how to identify a ‘hot-potato’ story, a skill he successfully transferred to Wine & Spirit International then Decanter wine magazine, which he joined as editor.

Never afraid of hands-on research, he has since written about all facets of booze for, among others, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Spectator and Saga Magazine.

He has also written books, too humorous to mention, about beer (The Boys’ Beer Book), cocktails (including The American Bar & Cocktail Book) and wine (The Bluffer’s Guide to Wine).

"This guide will leave your brain full of beer knowledge the way a hearty stout leaves your belly full of beer love."


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Astonish your fellow drinkers with the fact that the cradle of brewing lies in the heart of the Middle East...

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