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Mark Mason

Mark Mason has long struggled to accept that he is not James Bond. Born in the year of Sean Connery’s Diamonds Are Forever ‘comeback’ (or, as it is known to Chinese Bond fans, The Year of the Hairpiece), he has drawn constant inspiration from 007, in spite of an early seduction attempt involving a vodka martini and a faulty cocktail shaker which left him with a large dry cleaning bill.

As well as being the author of novels and non-fiction works — including The Importance of Being Trivial, Walk the Lines, a book about walking the entire London tube network (overground) and The Bluffer’s Guide to Football — Mason is also a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines. He suspects that Bond wouldn’t have much time for him.

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How well do you know the suave super-spy with sociopathic tendencies? Why, for example, does the world’s most successful secret agent always insist on introducing himself by his real name? And then repeating it.

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