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At some point, everyone needs to bluff it to make it. To prove our point, we ask celebrities about their biggest bluffs. Approach the bench…


Alex Beresford (follow him on Twitter) is a presenter and weatherman for ITV. He started life as an autocue operative and runner but, with the help of a benefactor or two (aka his old boss Liz), climbed the ranks to fully-fledged meteorologist and sometime bodyzorber. Alex Beresford has since appeared on This Morning, presented The World’s Weirdest Weather, headed up an outreach programme for inner-city children looking to get into media, and still occasionally has time to flirt with the green screen.

Have you ever gotten something for nothing?

Yes! My best mate Leon and I were browsing around a Porsche showroom one day – window shopping at its best. The salesman recognised me and assumed that, like most other weather presenters, I was cash rich and looking to buy a hot set of wheels. I led him on a bit and left with a Porsche … well, for the weekend. I returned it on the Monday saying I wasn’t that impressed.

Alex Beresford explains

  1. The weather: Probably the biggest British obsession and most moaned-about aspect of everyday life – rightly so given the current miserable weather.
  2. Behind the scenes in TV: A technical whirlwind and a massive green screen. Oh, and you don’t have to point the other way … just wanted to clear that up!
  3. Being a Cosmo centrefold: Done with good intentions but not my best pose! I apologise for the nightmares. I’ve had therapy too…
  4. TV programming today: Please bring back Desmond’s and The Real McCoy. Is Miranda really funny?

To whom do you owe your big break to?

My old boss Liz. She saw something in me that I didn’t and made me an ITV weatherman. A few weeks back, I watched my first ever televised weather forecast and literally cringed. Stiff as old boots turning to the green screen like a bad attempt at doing the robot dance. But then, that’s not the first time I’ve been all fingers and thumbs in a television studio. In my TV runner days I once mic’d up Melinda Messenger … I didn’t know what to do with my hands.

Where and when was the last time you felt out of place?

Out of place? Where’s that? Never been there. I’d love to be in Downton Abbey though. I could be the secret love child of Lord Grantham from a business trip to Guyana. That’d shake them up! They better not try and put me downstairs though…

Have you ever bluffed your way into getting a date?

I’ve never bluffed my way into a  date, although my cheeky younger brother bluffed a date in my name. His now wife thought he was me, so he played along before coming clean. This revelation only came out at his wedding in the summer at which I was the Best Man

What’s the best lie you ever told?

Well, it wasn’t a direct lie, but somewhere in the world there are two girls who think they have a picture with ‘Lucas’ from EastEnders. Let me explain… I was recognised on the train. This girl asked for a photo so I obliged. As she walked away, she said to her mate ‘I can’t believe we met the priest from EastEnders‘. I opened my mouth but it was one of those moments where nothing came out. I prayed for forgiveness when he went on that murder spree.

And, what is the best lie you never told?

‘Apparently I look like Thierry Henry’. This is a lie I would love to tell one day. Trouble is I haven’t mastered his French accent so I’m lacking the necessary va va voom!

You can watch Alex Beresford bodyzorbing right here…