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The Bluffer’s Guide to Chocolate



What gift to buy for the person who has everything? The means to bluff their way through everything else…

Whether it’s a tricky-to-buy-for relative, a work colleague or your other half, there’s a Bluffer’s Guide to suit their interests. The pocket-sized books cover everything you need to know in witty one-liners and dazzling trivia.

‘Fluent in coffee and articulate on wine, but don’t know your Ghanaian from Grenadian? Help is at hand. Soon you’ll be saying, “Ah, the unmistakeable, cold-worked granularity of the finest Modican” with the best of ’em.’ MARINA O’LOUGHLIN, RESTAURANT CRITIC, THE GUARDIAN

‘Neil Davey’s entertaining book will help you know your conching from your tempering and give you just enough of the backstory to bandy about as you peel back the foil – if you happen to find yourself in a room full of chocolate experts. And even if that scenario is unlikely, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable read.’ KAREN BARNES, EDITOR, DELICIOUS. MAGAZINE

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