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Remember when 'networking' involved wine, canapés and chatting at parties? Or when something 'going viral' was generally considered bad news? Well, that's all changed now – and, in this modern world of social media, this is the one book that will get you up to speed.


Susie Boniface

Susie Boniface is a writer and journalist who tripped over social media while writing an award-winning anonymous blog under the pseudonym Fleet Street Fox.

She now writes a regular column under that name for the Mirror but is no longer quite so anonymous. She has worked all over Fleet Street as both staff and freelance reporter – news agencies, tabloids, broadsheets, daily and Sunday papers. She says she gets more readers these days online, thanks largely to Twitter and Facebook. Recently she wrote a book entitled The Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox, about the sex and scandals the newspapers don’t report. It was described by broadcaster Jeremy Vine as ‘The first book I’ve read that starts at 90mph and speeds up.’

When she’s not writing, Susie lectures in journalism at several universities and tells anyone who’ll listen that using social media is just like going to the pub.

"If social media has you running around like a headless chicken, you need a fox, and vixens don't come much sharper, funnier or more acerbic. This is indispensable."

Rufus Hound, Comedian

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